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Funding Retirement – Beyond Asset Allocation Is Lifestyle Planning

The biggest risk to retirees now, and more so in the future because of medical advancements, is that they will outlive their retirement savings. David Williams has been trying to bring this to the attention to successive governments for many years. Here is his website http://mylongevity.com.au/. The World Economic Forum has now taken up this cause along with many others causes.

It would seem obvious that financial planning clients should be told what the impact of tailoring their work life balance would be on the longevity of their savings. Once this is incorporated into the risk profile assessment of all retirees at the International Financial Planning Standards Board level, it will help change all governments’ policies to better support retirees’ work life balance planning. It will also help make retirees’ money last longer as they taper their work life balance approach to retirement years with a view to making their retirement savings last longer. It will also help address the concerns of the World Economic Forum about funding the pensions of the rapidly ageing populations of developed countries.

This change could disrupt the business models of banking industries globally but could also empower clients to plan more effectively for a longer life expectancy. This is one of the many issues that the World Economic Forum has now started campaigning on social media to bring issues to the attention of the general public. See here:

The World Economic Forum Article – The Pension Crunch Is Coming: Here Is What To Do About It
The World Economic Forum Article – What Are The Economic Consequences Of The Rapidly Ageing Populations?

The internet, as a forum, matters for these reforms. It can help highlight, in open forums, much needed reforms to banking and finance industries for the betterment of society. Around the world Financial Technology reforms using Blockchain Technology, are underway. It will prove to be a disruptive innovation to the banking and finance industries in particular, but also to many other segments of business and society. For those that have not read Don Tapscott’s and Alex Tapscott’s Blockchain Revolution it can be obtained from the link below:

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