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Innovation in Customer Service does not Recognize Recessions

There is an important point to note about good ideas and innovation – it does not matter whether it is thought of in a boom or a recession! A good idea to improve customer service is always welcome.

SMS Prescription Reminder Service

There are not many baby boomers who have not taken a medical prescription in their lives and there are many people who are taking ongoing medication. Remembering to have your prescription filled is a significant issue for many people.

I was pleasantly surprised on my last trip to the chemist when I handed my prescription in I was told that the wait would be half an hour as the chemists were under pressure, but would I like to use their new SMS Prescription Reminder Service.

This is what the service document offered:



Tired of waiting for your prescription to be dispensed?

Always forgetting to get your next repeat filled before your current supply runs out?

Lost any scripts lately?

We can now fix all these common problems with our new FREE SMS PRESCRIPTION REMINDER SERVICE.
Simply sign up for this free service, leave your prescription repeats with us and when you’re next dispensing is due we will SMS you a reminder.

When you reply to our SMS we will prepare your script and have it waiting for you to collect.



What does this service mean for the customer and the supplier?It is clear what this service supplies to the customer, but it also allows the supplier to do the work in down time for their employees. It effectively manages the
employees’ time better and spreads the workload away from peaks and troughs.

Innovation and customer service can clearly be a win /win as in this situation. This principle applies to many customer service interactions and I will look out for other opportunities to comment on. This change could easily have been as a result of a business process improvement suggestion put forward by an employee to a business Innovation Program.

Jack Taggerty

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