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Doing more with less during a recession

Small business owners are often the hardest hit during an economic downturn and the question is how to survive until the recovery begins. This often requires examining every line of expenditure, but at the same time not being blinded to new opportunities. Where do you find guidance as to what you should give priority to?

Who is your accounting software provider and what are they doing to support you?It may seem strange that an accounting software provider would actually go out of their way to help clients when they would be under pressure themselves. Yet that is what is happening. It may be that the provider has an innovative approach to the market place and is proactive in looking for opportunities to support its clients. It is worth a telephone call to ask them and if they haven’t commenced a support program yet, ask them where you can get support.

Look for a Business Resource Centre to support you with ideas

I use MYOB for my accounting software and they have recently started myBRC
(Business Resource Centre) which is aimed at helping small business owners cope with the issues that the recession has brought to their business.

They have done research on how they can best support their clients who use their software. Needless, to say I am very impressed with my software supplier. They have said in their introduction to the service that they recognize that their clients “are time poor and money poor and struggle to find good advisors and source of information to help them make the right decision.”

It is good to see that MYOB should be responding in an innovative manner to the recession to help its clients and to build a sense of community over the internet. I hope that your accounting software provider is responding in a similar way

Jack Taggerty

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