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How do you make tough choices?
Making choices is not easy when the decision has serious consequences both on a personal or business basis – or both! Many decisions have conflicting consequences and it is not easy to choose between options. One of the most used methods both on a personal and business basis is simply to list the Pros and Cons, but the difficulty with this method is that all the Pros and Cons can have a different weighting and these weightings can be different between individuals and organizations.

There are some public organizations that are responsible for advising individuals about making choices. However, they need to look beyond the facts and educating the public to look at how the public make decisions so that they can assist them in the process by providing decision making tools as well as the technical tools.

Over the coming months I will look at the issue of decision making and where you can find tools to help with the process of decision making.

Jack Taggerty

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