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Throughout the world the aging populations of many western countries is starting to have severe impact on economies as the baby boomer generation start to come to grips with what retirement will mean to their lifestyle. The Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) is leading the world with its 2010 assets Learning conference.

Innovation and The United States 2010 Assets Learning Conference
The Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) is a nonprofit organization that has a mission of expanding economic opportunities for those that are low and moderate income communities and families. CFED is based in Washington DC. The 2010 Assets and Learning Conference will be held on September 22-24. The website can be accessed here ( http://cfed.org/knowledge_center/events/alc2010/).

The organization uses a Think-Do-Invest approach, which consists of:
Think: The organization explores various practices and ideas that may in fact help communities and families have a better opportunity to engage in the larger economy in which they live. The
ideas help to bridge the gaps that currently exist economically.

Do: Once the organization has the ideas and practices, they then seek out funding collaborators as well as those that make the policies in order to carry out and demonstrate the program throughout the nation. Demonstrating is the best way to show exactly what the organization is seeking to accomplish.

Invest: The organization then seeks out investors as well as those that are advocates for policies in order to bring about change on a larger scale.

What is the role of CFED?

The role of CFED is to make changes with policy makers so that within the near future every American will have the same opportunity from birth regardless of economic status.

The main reasons that the CFED has organized the 2010 Assets Learning Conference

The Assets Learning Conference is a way to bring many different people together at the same time in order to figure out ways in which to initiate the change needed to the economy.

• The Assets Learning Conference is where the group plans the 2010 economy focused on saving and investing in the future.

• To bring nationally and international government, researchers, policy makers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs together to lay the groundwork for expanding the economy as well as plan paths to recovery.

• The group is having its first innovation marketplace where they will have on display exhibits.

• The Assets Learning Conference will have approximately 60 sessions back to back demonstrating research, innovations, homeownership, children’s savings programs and many more.

• With the economic crisis and government changes, the conference is way for everyone to put their goals into action and map out the next strategies.

Some main reasons for the First-Ever Innovation Marketplace

The Innovation Marketplace

• A way to bring in-person and virtual leadership together for the first time.

• An opportunity to show innovative ideas and how these can help the next generation’s economically.

• The marketplace will present products that are safer for the environment and which can help the next generation.

• The marketplace brings ideas on the national and global level that allows interaction among participants at the conference.

• The web innovation Marketplace will also be revealed and it allows the connection of innovators and leaders to come together regardless of their locality.

How do you access the Innovation Marketplace?

The Innovation Marketplace is part of the 2010 Assets Learning Conference, so in order to gain access to the Marketplace; you will need to register for the conference.

Why consumers and innovators should participate either in person or online

• It is a way that leaders can truly envision economic change for the better by seeing the innovations underway.

• The Marketplace is a way of demonstrating ways to create economic development in an environmentally friendly way. This way the economy grows without damaging the planet.

• It is an opportunity to meet several different people from all over the world that are like-minded and wish to advance the economy for the next generation.

• Innovations, entrepreneurs, and leaders can all come together either in-person or over the internet virtual marketplace and share and demonstrate ideas that will only benefit future generations.

• By bringing together innovators and leaders together, it is a way to expand and grow the economy for every American.

The Policy Agenda of CFED

Working at the U.S. Federal and State levels the CFED focuses on five issue areas:

• Financial Assets and Income – asset ownership and financial security are interconnected because they enable people to plan for the future.

• Business and Jobs – earning an income from business or wage employment funds the plans and wealth creation.

• Housing and homeownership – owning a home is the chief asset of many households while affordable rental can be a step along the way to achieving homeownership for many.

• Education – education is an asset that produces skills and knowledge resulting in income and asset building for the individual and the country.

• Health Care – access to quality health care is a necessary foundation to fitness to be able to earn income and build assets.


CFED and the Assets Learning Conference is about building the future by creating the positive innovation environment that will generate the ideas that makes the Think-Do-Invest approach work. The Global Financial Crisis has brought to the fore the need for innovation that is easily understood and will create hope for the future by building assets.

Jack Taggerty

Copyright 2010

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